Only a Q-switched laser can penetrate all the way to the dermis and shatter tattoo ink without causing damage to the surrounding skin tissue. All other procedures either fail to reach the ink and destroy it, or cause too much skin damage, resulting in scarring. Q-switched lasers are distinct in that they use a powerful and brief concentrated pulse of light energy. The skin isn’t heated long enough to cause tissue damage because the energy is only in the skin for a short duration. However, because the energy pulse is so strong, the tattoo ink splits into little bits almost instantaneously as it absorbs the light.

The fragmented tattoo ink will be cleared by the body’s natural immunological systems after the therapy. Each laser treatment removes more ink from the tattoo until it is completely removed.

We are here with the latest techniques of tattoo removal i.e. laser removal by qs nd yag in Kota, Rajasthan.

Tattoo removal Treatment at Follicle Clinic, Kota Rajasthan

The length of the tattoo, the size of the tattoo, the area where it is located, the colours utilised, and the depth at which they are placed are all examined, and optimal LASER settings are selected to achieve the best possible result.