Dark Circles

When the skin beneath both eyes seems hyperpigmented, dark circles emerge under them. Improper sleep, lack of hydration, vitamin deficiencies, dry itchy skin, frequent scratching, stress, not removing makeup on time, and excessive sun exposure are all common causes of dark circles. What appear to be dark circles under your eyes are sometimes only shadows produced by puffy eyelids or hollows under your eyes that form as a natural part of ageing. Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common in men and women. Dark circles are particularly common in those who are elderly, have a genetic propensity to this condition (periorbital hyperpigmentation), and have a genetic predisposition to this condition (periorbital hyperpigmentation). They come from non-white ethnic groups, according to a reliable source (darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation around the eye area), While exhaustion may appear to be the most reasonable explanation for this condition, dark circles beneath the eyes can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Most of the time, they aren’t a cause for concern.

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Dark Circles Treatment at Follicle Clinic, Kota Rajasthan

A thorough examination of the underlying cause will help you get rid of those dark circles. Under-eye pigmentation can be efficiently treated using under-eye creams, serums, and antioxidants taken orally. Furthermore, certain procedures are beneficial in cases of resistant pigmentation or hollowing.
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